Sunday, August 21, 2005

A change in pace

So there I was, 5;46 am, wide eyed and awake, sleep having abruptly left, with no sign of coming back, I realized the price to pay I suppose for going to sleep before midnight, not just to bed, but actually asleep.
For the first time in a really long time, at least six months, I lay awake listening to the gentle droning of the AC, and watched as the dawn light sneaked into the room, almost as if it had been waiting patiently through the night, to finally ambush the darkness. Hah, this was great!
Before my system could come up with any valid (or invalid) excuse for not getting out of bed, I was on my feet and pulling on my Reeboks. What!? My good as new, 6 month old Reeboks, purchased with the intention of going running each morning, that had only been worn twice, and on both occasions, no running was involved!?
5;59am, and I'm out the door, hair disheveled, bleary eyed, camera in hand and a fat grin on my face. I was doing it! Eventually I was going for a run. The last time I had been for a run was at the US Embassy compound, Basra, Iraq. And now finally I had gotten my act together, and was going to get my unfit backside into shape! As the door shut, I could almost hear deafening silence of the dawn ambushing the dark back in the apartment. Today, I would lay my own little ambush, I would beat the sun up!

For the past two weeks I have not blogged, who cares I thought, who reads the "crap" that filters from mind into cyberspace about my life experiences anyway? Then it dawned on me, that the reason for me blogging was not for anyone else, but for myself. My record, my ambling through the corridors of my mind, and taking the time to log memories. No coalition needed, just record of what happened, happens and maybe if I'm bold enough some day, thoughts and plans of what I would like to happen.

Life's routines take on a mundane pace if we don't change the way we do things. Today I chose to change one thing. Yep, that's it, today I choose, a change in pace. I did run this morning, ok, and walked some, and while my body cried my Reeboks sang!

Later on at the office, whilst downloading mail, I was browsing for info for a project I'm working on, and stumbled across ,this interesting site, and thought what the heck, let me see if I have any claim to intelligence! I won't share the results, but I do feel more intelligent now, for what its worth, Hahaha! Give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised! I was.

The picture above? Me, beating the sun up, on the corniche. Mission accomplished! Yup. I like how I feel today.
All because of a change in pace!


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