Sunday, August 21, 2005

Thank you for the flowers...

Ok, so this is unheard of, Why? Because it has not happened before that I have had the time or inclination for that matter, to actually post two entry's on the same day. But maybe its a sign of things to come? I don't know, maybe I am just filled with the joys of life and want to share today more than other days. (Must be the run this morning! Haha!)

Well not to harp on and on about the change of pace blah blah of my previous post, I wanted to add a bit of, not often seen on my site before, sensitivity.

Over the past two years I have experienced, as I am sure all of us have at one time or another, my fair share of ummm...lets term them for purposes of keeping to the point I want to make and not to get diverted into a different direction, "stressful situations" These "stressful situations" may be determined in periods of time that we live through, and they may last for minutes, hours, weeks, months and for those of us who really have really bad luck, karma or breath (just kidding about the breath!) even years. Ok, more to the point. Through whatever is causing these "stressful situations" we sometimes experience or come across moments of "comfort or distraction." Moments that take our mind off the drama at hand so to speak. These moments don't necessarily solve or change the "stressful situations" but more than often give us just enough respite to gather our wits, take a deep breath, and plunge, hopefully with more strength and determination, back into the quagmire of whatever it is that is causing the "stressful situation"

Lets face it, moments of comfort or distraction can be interpreted in many different ways. So for the record, I'm not referring to moments which involve any carnal or criminal activities, or activities which involve copious amounts of alcohol or illicit, mind altering substances. Get the picture?
The essence of what I'm trying to get at is that these "comfort moments" can be in the form of someone paying you a sincere, simple, valid compliment. For example, " My your hair looks lovely today!" or "Thanks so much for your help with that problem I was having, what you did really made a difference!" Sometimes we see, hear, taste or feel something that brings a smile to our lips, or something that just makes us feel better. Sometimes its something so simple and because of its simplicity, is overlooked as unimportant...and the moment is lost.
Life is full of these moments, just keep your eyes and ears open, look & listen, they happen to you every day.

Here, in a city in the middle of the desert, we dont see much of natures fauna and flora. So maybe thats why it made such an impact on me when I saw these flowers this morning on my run. So much so that I had to stop and take a photo. These flowers (I have no idea what flowers they are and all I know is that they are seasonal, and will only bloom for a few weeks) are here every day. In a city where so many people go about their daily routines, chasing whatever they are chasing, only a handful will actually stop and see the flowers. For those that dont, their loss.

My life has been filled with moments like these, whether they were flowers I have seen, kind words I have heard spoken, and sometimes I regret to admit, I have completely missed, or taken them for granted. This morning I did not.

God. Thank you for the moments, thank you for the flowers.


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