Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Nothing worthwhile comes easy..

Is it perhaps that the greatest of words written, are more often than not preceded by neither action nor hard work? Being bombarded by the influences of the "modern and enlightened" society around, us we flounder through the river of life, finding it easier to go with the flow than to struggle with tenacity against the tide of where the rest of humanity is going? Are the most eloquent of scribblings not much more than words thought up to describe ideals,feelings and emotions that are born from a life of ill discipline and an almost thoughtless pursuit of self gratification bordering on depravity? Yearnings, desires, and longings for sometimes what seem to be unattainable, if not pointless dreams? As we move through the life that we have been blessed with, we lose sight of one undisputed truth, nothing worthwhile comes easy. Never has and never will.
We seek moments of self gratification and sell our souls for the moment, living a life entrenched in epicureanism.
Who can honestly say that life has dealt them a bad hand, that we are worse off than someone else? Mostly we base these "whimperings" on materialistic comparisons, emotional shortcomings, a failure to recognize that true lasting happiness can not be measured in levels of momentary self gratification.
The truth is as plain to see as the light when the sun comes up in the morning, with or without our consent. Life, this earthly one at least, is a blessing. We choose what we do with what we have and where we are. Ramblings and insightful words abound in this world of searchers. Maybe its time to realize that the words of a famous pop song "I do not want what I have not got" meant little more than, that we should be satisfied with where we are in life, after all , the choices we have made are the choices that have brought us to where we are now.
We may not choose the width and surface, or condition of the path we walk, but we can choose how to walk this path. We can even choose to walk a different path. Heck we can choose how to dress, what to eat, where to speed up or slow down, where to stop and rest, who to walk close to or who to walk far away from. We can choose to be believers of any Religion or we can choose to be Atheists. All choices, only we can make. Sometimes hard sometimes not. Yet the consequences of bad choices are sometimes hard to swallow, so we seek retribution or understanding as to why we sometimes fall. Blame someone else, look outside of ourselves for the answers, after all, its easier to put the responsibility of suffering the consequence of our own bad decisions on someone else than it is to take a good long hard look in the mirror and realize that whatever the situation may be, we made the choices that led us to this moment. Worthwhile?

Hmmm, it's true you know, like it or not, nothing worthwhile in this world comes easy...