Saturday, October 01, 2005


Posting a blog sometimes feels like a futile activity, sometimes. Periodically we all go through stages in our life where we feel like we are totally and utterly alone, without a soul on this planet to go with us as we run, stagger and lurch through the life with which we are entrusted. Perhaps the greatest fear that man has ever had is to be alone. The fear that drives so many of us to pursue diversion from loneliness. It is said in the Holy Bible that God will never forsake us, He will always be there when we need him. It is true I am sure, yet there is a painfully real fact that God is physically invisible to us. The Angels that we believe to be there share the same invisibility. In the desert the desolation has a tangible feel to it. Whether it be the arid landscape, devoid of palntlife and animals, or just the empty openness that screams out desolation. Today, this is where I feel I am. Tomorrow will be a better place, I am sure.